Due Diligence

Successful acquisition of molecules, companies, and business partners depends on accurate assessment of the target’s assets and their fit with your organization.
Consulting: Due Diligence

FMD K&L offers pre-deal and confirmatory due diligence to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of your target acquisition. FMD K&L consultants can assist with the acquisition of molecules, companies, or business partners. Our pre-deal due diligence can identify synergies, bottlenecks, and potential structural issues. Our confirmatory due diligence verifies the scientific and technical assumptions once a deal has been completed.

Our services include:
  • Assessment of in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities
  • Assessment of a molecule’s novelty and market potential, including evaluation of the competitive landscape and patent strength
  • Gap analysis to determine the total value of a program
  • Assessment of regulatory challenges
  • Assessment of risks and possible deal breakers