Technology Solutions

FMD K&L proprietary technology solutions help you stay ahead of ever-increasing safety and compliance challenges
Technology Solutions: Overview

Every year, global product development faces fresh challenges and higher regulatory hurdles. We provide strategies, services, and solutions to help you clear every compliance hurdle.

Our offering includes:
  • SafetyINTEGRATOR: seamlessly integrates regional contact center databases with the global safety database
  • QPLUS: a software solution assisting with document review based on a checklist of key parameters that qualify a document as ready for submission; applicable to a variety of documents, such as aggregate reporting of safety data; provides ability to track key performance indicators & furnish real-time feedback/analysis
  • Regulatory Information Management System (RIMS): a modular set of services to improve processes for data capture & submission while enabling sponsors to quickly adapt to regulatory changes
  • SafetyTEST: a software solution that surveys your safety system, monitors expedited reports, where they are sent & delivers daily alerts highlighting instances of underreporting and overreporting, all without affecting the validation state of your safety system