Corporate Social Responsibility

We are each responsible for our well-being, our clients’ trust, and our planet

FMD K&L is molded by a strong philosophy of contributing to the economic and social well-being of communities in need of support. We believe in programs that encourage the health of our employees, strengthen our business relationships, and benefit our environment. We believe in contributing to sections of society that need support. Many of FMD K&L’s philanthropic efforts uphold the education, health, rehabilitation and empowerment of children.

FMD K&L activities benefit and support our communities. While these activities vary by locale, our goal is the same everywhere: to demonstrate our dedication to employee, community, and planet. Whether we support a food drive or a health and wellness program for our employees, we demonstrate our commitment to meeting the needs of the communities in which we live and work.

Energy Reduction Program and Commitment to Environmental-friendly Efforts 

FMD K&L Inc. is a socially responsible organization. We set a five-year sustainability strategy in three categories to better support our community, our planet and to enhance social responsibility: 1) achieve 5% energy reduction by 2021; 2) achieve 5% waste reduction by 2021 through a series of environmental-friendly initiatives; and 3) promote workforce wellness to build a healthier lifestyle for employees and their families.

We are committed to meeting these goals and have implemented various initiatives to raise awareness and increase sustainability within the company. These activities are meant to encourage socially responsible behaviors and activities, and to monitor our progress. We will work diligently to record all planned activities and will begin to report our progress to stakeholders in Q3 2018.

Orran NGO Partnership

FMD K&L partnered with Orran, a non-profit organization, to support young children in becoming artists, craftsmen, and ceramists. Orran’s mission is to help children improve their artistic abilities and become self-sufficient. FMD K&L supports this mission by collaborating on fundraising activities that aid the ongoing skill development program.


Flood Rehabilitation Support, Chennai, India

In November 2015, the city of Chennai, India experienced floods resulting in loss of life and property. As part of the relief effort, FMD K&L supported RAINDROPSS, a social organization, to successfully execute their rehabilitation support project. The project involved reconstruction of SEERS homes damaged by the floods. The organization’s primary mission is to deliver social awareness messages to the public through art and entertainment.

We raised a relief fund through our employees and management to support RAINDROPSS in their rehabilitation project.


DESIRE Society and Cheers Foundation 

FMD K&L visited Desire Society in Bangalore and Cheers Foundation in Hyderabad.  Our employees spent time with the children and contributed daily essentials.

DESIRE Society is a non-profit voluntary organization committed to improving the well-being of children and women struggling with the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Situated in Bangalore, India, their center has around 35 children in the age group of 4–16 affected by HIV/AIDS.


Cheers Foundation Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization committed to providing shelter, food, education, and good health to underprivileged children. Their center in Hyderabad, India has around 30 kids in the age group of 6–16 years.


As FMD K&L continues to grow and enter new markets, we will bring our sense of social responsibility with us wherever we go.