Application Management services

FMD K&L offers application management and support (AMS), a flexible, modular service that improves efficiencies in your life sciences application
Technology: Appliacation Management services

Our AMS services enable life sciences companies to quickly expand their current teams to meet short-term objectives or add technical specialists for major projects. The AMS model can also be used to reduce the burden of creating and retaining a resource pool focused on life sciences applications.

AMS services are not just focused on completing tasks or meeting periodic objectives, but on creating efficiencies. Our AMS service creates a foundation for continuous monitoring and improvement of your life sciences applications. We engage with clients through our onshore, offshore, and hybrid delivery models. Our delivery centers in the US, UK, India, and Philippines operate around the clock to support life sciences applications and ensure uninterrupted utilization.

AMS Benefits

FMD K&L AMS services provide benefits in four main areas:
  • Consulting: AMS services include technical and functional consulting to mitigate bottlenecks, recommend best practices, and optimize configurations, workflows, distribution rules, and libraries. Our consultants partner with key business users at periodic intervals to assess the application, recommend changes, and implement them to prepare for new regulations, expansion of product lines, and integration of acquired businesses.
  • Health check: Our analysts conduct periodic and random health checks on the application to assess performance. Reports are generated to identify areas for improvement. Action plans are then proposed to ensure that operations continue with minimum impact to business while corrective actions are executed.
  • Knowledge sharing: Close monitoring of the application, periodic maintenance, upgrades, and need-based customization all provide opportunities to understand how the application has been configured and how that configuration affects performance. Our analysts create a knowledge archive of critical events, code libraries, enhancements, and best practices to provide an accessible information source for future reference.
  • Focused governance: All requests related to configurations, changes, and incidents are directed to a single point of contact (SPOC). Our SPOC is responsible for maintaining communication between your IT team and business users to sustain smooth, seamless operation. The SPOC also makes recommendations on support needed from the product vendor to implement product changes and upgrades and execute module additions.